Powder Coating

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After the product has been prepared to ensure an absolutely clean surface ready for coating. The coating is evenly applied in a powder form and then baked.

The powder coating process results in a hard, smooth, finish that will bend with the metal if dented or struck. The long-lasting nature of powder of powder coating with minimal colour fading means that your product will be protected from the elements far better than a painted surface coating.

Powder Coating at UK Powder Coating (East Midlands)

Our large capacity oven gives UK Powder Coaters (East Midlands) Ltd the versatility to provide a fast, efficient service however large or small your order is.

The versatile properties of powder coating make it ideal for a variety of needs, both decorative & practical.

To find out how UK Powder Coaters (East Midlands) Ltd can help to protect your products contact us now.

UK Powder Coaters (East Midlands) Limited large capacity oven
Large Capacity Oven